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Signs and Display

Suspension signs

We supply all forms of parking bay suspension signs. Most often produced in corrugated plastic materials / “Correx” signs are custom designed and manufactured to meet your needs including colours and logos.

Signs care designed to meet the demands of DfT guidance for use on the highway. Suspension signs can be supplied as a single flat panel or in a folding “T” configuration. Suspension signs are pre-punched to allow them to be fitted using cable ties.

We offer a number of options to enhance the use and appearance of your suspension signs. This includes synthetic / weather resistant labels that can be laser printed with parking suspension details, improving the quality of the information.

We also design and manufacture dual purpose flip / flap signs. This approach allows a conventional restricted parking zone sign to double as a suspension sign by dropping a hinged flap for event days, and suspensions for filming, parades and so on.

We can also match a suspension sign up with our Durapost flexible post solution. When mounted to the portable / driveable base, the combination of the base, the post and the sign is a great alternative to cones and tape as a way of identifying suspended and designated parking spaces and bays.

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