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Signs and Display

Tariff signs / tariff boards

Car Park Tariff signs and boards are often the first point of contact for your customers. So parking tariffs and information need to be well presented and clear and the signs need to sit well in their environment. But often too the signs in your car park are a welcome mat to your visitors so orientating them can be an important part of the sign’s function. And then your investment needs to give you a return in terms of longevity, ease of use and ability to update information.

Considering all these factors and coming up with designs that meet all your criteria is where we specialise. We’ll take the time to understand your brief, where the signs are located and what demands they have on them. We’ll also look at ways to consolidate other car park information into a single sign such as CCTV information, season ticket options and contact details. We’ll provide a full drawings before we make anything and take care of manufacture and installation if you need it.

Our signs are manufactured in a variety of materials but most commonly ACM (“DiBond”) and highway grade aluminium. We can also suggest ways to improve the life and maintenance of your signs with protective overlay films, graffiti films and surfaces to deter fly-posting.