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Signs and Display

Traffic and controlled parking signs

We supply all forms of standard signs for off street car parks and for use on the highway. Highway and controlled parking zone signs are designed and manufactured to your specification and conform to the Traffic Signs Rules and General Directions (TSRGD) for design and content. They are manufactured to conforming material specifications in aluminium or ACM (“DiBond”). Directional, warning and instructional signs in TSRGD also have the advantage of being universally recognised so have a place in off street car parks too.

Car park, highway and controlled parking zone signs can be manufactured in all grades of reflective material. Sign channels are riveted to provide a sign face that is clean and conforms to TSRGD for highway signs.

In addition we supply all forms of custom made signs for special designation. These include flip / flap signs for event parking, multi-use signs for parking restrictions and bay suspensions, disabled / accessible space signs, electric charging bay signs and all other forms of special parking space signs.

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