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Pillar Car Protector

Pillar Car Protector is the perfect solution for eliminating damage caused to vehicles by impacts with car park pillars and for improving car park communication. The concept features a dense foam core and a highly visual custom printed vinyl wrap which zips on the long edge to attach the PCP around the car park pillar.

Pillar Car Protector is made to order and is suitable for round or square pillars as well as pillars that join up to walls or drains. The product can also be provided for surface mounting to car park walls and corners.

With Pillar Car Protector eliminating the risk of damage to their car, drivers are encouraged to park closer to pillars and walls. Customer satisfaction is improved and car park occupancy enhanced.  The visual appeal of the car park. Whether you are operating a public car park or a private car park for staff and permit holders, Pillar Car Protector enhances safety and

Full colour digital printing allow highly visual content to be printed onto the Pillar Car Protector, whether in the form of advertising or as direct communication with car park users. Printed images are protected with a special coating allowing the vinyl to be regularly cleaned, keeping them in top condition and ensuring a long life.

Pillar Car Protector is very flexible to your individual car park requirements with additional facilities such as clear pockets and additional wraps enhancing the ability to keep the content current. Pillar Car Protectors are also available in a range of standard, unprinted colours.

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